About Yasir Naqvi

Yasir Naqvi is running to lead the Ontario Liberal Party because he believes the status quo under Doug Ford's Conservatives is simply not good enough.

As the Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre, Yasir focuses on pragmatic problem solving to find solutions to the struggles confronting our neighbours. Everyday he works across government to break down barriers and build a better community.

Yasir is no stranger to life’s challenge. His family arrived in Canada after the Pakistani government imprisoned his father for fighting for the right to vote. As a family, they started over in Ontario with a drive to build a new life and give back whenever possible. This example from his parents, to push for better and always advocate for what matters, has informed every decision Yasir has taken since — as a professional, a neighbour and most importantly, as the proud father to Rafi and Elliana.

One of Yasir’s earliest experiences in Canada was to be welcomed by local Liberal volunteers. Since that first meeting Yasir has been a proud Liberal, serving as a local riding volunteer, MPP and MP, party president and cabinet minister.

Yasir is an experienced team-builder whose achievements have prepared him for the mission at hand — to rebuild and lead the Ontario Liberal Party, and to defeat Doug Ford in 2026.