Collaborating for a transformed Ontario Liberal Party

From day one of this campaign, Yasir has been clear that the Ontario Liberal Party must be transformed with a focus on reconnecting with Liberals in every community across the Province. To do this, our leader and our party must reflect principled, pragmatic, Liberal values. On this, Yasir and Nate Erskine-Smith have found common ground. That's why Yasir and Nate announced a decision to collaborate in these final weeks of the Ontario Liberal Leadership contest.

Yasir and Nate are asking their supporters to select each other as their number two choice when they fill out their ranked ballots. The two campaigns will also be working together to coordinate our election weekend get-out-the-vote efforts.

Yasir and Nate's decision to collaborate is anchored in three shared principles:

  • revitalizing the grassroots 

  • restoring ethics in government 

  • building a party based on Liberal values 

Leadership guided by these principles is essential to presenting Ontarians with the clear, Liberal alternative to Doug Ford. Our party cannot allow for any doubt about whether our priorities, political instincts and donors stand in stark contrast to the Ford Conservatives.

This leadership contest, with its ranked ballot, gives Ontario Liberals an opportunity for a new approach to politics. By asking you to select Yasir as your first choice and Nate as your second choice candidate, we will present Ontarians with a clear contrast to Doug Ford in 2026 and a strengthened Ontario Liberal Party.