Lucille Collard

MPP Ottawa Vanier

I've known Yasir long enough to know that he is dedicated to serving his community in every aspect of his work. He has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the people he represents because he listens. He has actively sought innovative solutions to address challenging issues fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. Because Yasir has been successful in empowering individuals from all walks of life to actively participate in shaping their communities, people identify with him. That's exactly what we need in a true leader.

Hon. Arif Virani PC KC

MP for Parkdale-High Park

As young children, Yasir and I each left our home countries and grew up in a new country where our skin colour and our faith at times made life more difficult. We share a unique appreciation for the state's role in protecting and supporting those who are more vulnerable among us. We are both determined that future generations have access to the supports they need to succeed. Electing Yasir Naqvi as Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party is an important step in making that happen

Anita Vandenbeld

MP for Ottawa West

Our party has heart and it has grit. What we need now is a vision to take our shared history and not just rebuild our party, but to transform it to be ready to take the fight to Doug Ford in 2026. Yasir’s commitment to service means connecting with 124 ridings and using their stories to shape a smart, practical and Liberal path forward to course correct on the damage that Conservatives have done to our Province. This is a leadership race for our future - and this is the future we deserve.


Hon. Jenna Sudds PC

MP for Kanata-Carleton

With a profound understanding of the challenges our province faces, Yasir Naqvi brings a clear and compelling vision for Ontario: make housing affordable, rebuild our health care system and protect our greenspace. Yasir’s track record of action both provincial and federally makes him a strong choice to deliver real, practical solutions to these important issues. As a friend and colleague, I know Yasir will stand up for Ontarians and I’m proud to endorse him for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. 

Salma Zahid

MP for Scarborough Centre

Yasir Naqvi's commitment to advancing the rights and aspirations of all citizens is truly commendable. He has been a vocal advocate for social justice, equality, and access to quality education and healthcare for everyone. He understands that a strong society is built on a foundation of fairness and equal opportunities for all, and his track record reflects his determination to create a more just and equitable society.

Hon. Allan Rock PC CM OOnt KC

Former MP for Etobicoke Centre & federal cabinet minister (1993-2003)
Former Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Canada (1993-97)
Former Ambassador & Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations (2004-06)

Yasir’s years in the provincial legislature and federal parliament have given him much experience in governance and cabinet. He carried the heavy responsibility of serving as (among other things) Attorney General of Ontario. As a long-time Ontario lawyer in active practice, former head of the Law Society of Ontario, and former federal Attorney General, I am keenly aware of how crucial that post is. Yasir fulfilled those responsibilities with distinction and integrity. I know from our years of friendship that he is also down-to-earth, genuine, open and inclusive. Yasir is committed to social justice and equal opportunity. He knows that good government means helping those who cannot help themselves, worrying about those who have little, and creating opportunity for all in education, training and employment. He is in this race for the right reason: to serve others, not his own ego or his own interests. He has fresh thinking that Ontario badly needs. He is the leader Ontario needs now.

Hon. Marie Charette-Poulin

Former National President, Liberal Party of Canada (2006-08)
Former Senator for Northern Ontario (1995-2015)

Great achievement comes through public service. Yasir Naqvi embodies that belief. He chose to serve his province and his country, foregoing a successful legal career, to make change for the better, to contribute to a better future. As a former Cabinet Minister and MPP, Yasir brings substantive governance experience as well as an in-depth knowledge of provincial government machinery. His current experience as a sitting MP will facilitate his future collaborations with the federal government. Yes he is the right man at the right time to lead the OLP, to become the next Premier of Ontario

Hon. Sergio Marchi PC

Former MP for York West (1984-99) & federal cabinet minister (1993-99)
Former Ambassador to the World Trade Organization (1999-2006) 

From the time we served in the same law firm, I saw something special in Yasir. He had an incredible work ethic, he was honest and transparent in all of his dealings, and he was consistently concerned about our public lot. He was always prepared to fight for the underdog. I supported him when he first ran as a political candidate years ago, and I am pleased to support him now for Leader of the OLP.  We need his energy, his experience, his hope, his civility,  and his ideas for a more prosperous province for all of its citizens. As this moment, when our politics has become increasingly toxic, Yasir is the right person for our times.

Hon. John Manley PC OC

Former Deputy Prime Minister (2002-03)
MP for Ottawa South (1988-2004) & federal cabinet minister (1993-2003)

Leadership is about the way you choose to serve your community. I am impressed by Yasir's community leadership, his commitment to public service and his genuine desire to improve the lives of Ontarians.


Michael Gravelle

Former MPP for Thunder Bay-Superior North (1999-2022)/Port Arthur (1995-99) & Cabinet Minister (2007-2018)

I had the pleasure of working with Yasir for many years at Queen's Park and I have always known him to be hardworking, thoughtful and compassionate. I watched him tackle tough issues in government with determination and grace. He is the only candidate in the race who understands the unique challenges facing Northern Ontarians and I know he will be a strong champion for the Northern and rural ridings. He has my vote - and I hope he has yours too.

Linda Jeffrey

Former MPP Brampton Springdale (2003-14) & Cabinet Minister (2010-14)
Former Mayor, City of Brampton (2014-18)

I watched Yasir, as a past President of the Ontario Liberal Party, travel to every corner of Ontario strengthening and supporting dozens of riding Associations. At Queen's Park, I got to know a man of boundless energy and astute observations. Ontario needs someone like Yasir who represents the future – he is principled, courageous and lives his life with integrity. Yasir is my choice for Leader.

Hon. John Manley PC OC

Former Deputy Prime Minister (2002-03)
MP for Ottawa South (1988-2004) & federal cabinet minister (1993-2003)

Leadership is about the way you choose to serve your community. I am impressed by Yasir's community leadership, his commitment to public service and his genuine desire to improve the lives of Ontarians.


Dave Levac OOnt

Former MPP for Brant (1999-2018)
Speaker of the Legislature (2011-2018)

Leadership is about the way you choose to serve your community and the way you push for change even when it feels like there’s a mountain in front of you. Yasir Naqvi embodies leadership and service at his core. Someone who questions the path of least resistance as the only choice, someone who won’t settle for the status quo, and someone who believes that the strongest voice is the voice of the community. I’m supporting Yasir because these are the values that ensure that anyone in Ontario has the opportunity to succeed.

Bill Mauro

Former MPP for Thunder Bay-Atikokan (2003-2018) & Cabinet Minister (2014-2018)
9th Mayor of Thunder Bay (2018-2022)

I served in elected office for 25 years, as MPP, Mayor and City Councillor, so I know about elections. I also know what it takes to win. I know that Yasir Naqvi has what it takes: a unique blend of experience, dedication, and a proven track record of effective leadership. He has an unwavering commitment to justice, fairness, and equity. In a field of strong Liberal leadership candidates, I am pleased to offer my support to Yasir Naqvi as he strives to reinvigorate the Ontario Liberal Party in preparation for the next provincial election.


Katie Gibbs

Fomer OLP candidate for Ottawa Centre (2022)

As a long-time environmentalist and a mom with two young kids, I'm worried about the path that Ontario is on. We're already feeling and living with the devastating effects of climate change. We need a leader in Ontario who understands the scale of what we're facing and who will prioritize building a safe and vibrant future. Yasir has a bold and tangible plan for climate and environmental action and I'm thrilled to support him for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.


Mike Radan

Ontario Liberal Candidate for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex (2014 and 2018)

Now more than ever, as we seek to rebuild, involving the party membership in key policy decisions is paramount. As a riding president and former candidate, I support the leadership candidate who recognizes that preparing for, and winning an election is a team effort. Yasir Naqvi is the candidate with passion and respect for the grassroots; the leader who can harness engagement from Liberals in every part of the province. To me, he is the obvious choice and I am honoured to support him for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Cathy Curry

Councillor for Kanata North, City of Ottawa

I really appreciated Yasir’s help with school board issueswhen I was a trustee. His willingness to chat and listen to local residents and representatives from other levels of government are qualities that make him approachable. Now as a city countillor, I continue to see that Yasir has an innate ability to understand complex issues and at the same time, offer solutions that we can implement and that work. These are all things I have loved about Yasir and why I support him for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.


Glenn Thibault

Former MPP for Sudbury (2015-18) & Cabinet Minister (2016-18)
Former MP for Sudbury (2008-15)

The Ontario Liberal Party is at a crossroads. We need a Leader who is experienced, determined and ready to do the hard work to rebuild our riding associations and invigorate our grassroots supporters. Ontario is a diverse province and Yasir is the leader we need to solve the unique challenges facing communities in Northern and rural Ontario.

John Wilkinson

Former MPP for Perth-Wellington (2007-11)/Perth—Middlesex (2003-07) & Cabinet Minister (2007-11)

Over the decades every generation of Ontario Liberals have found their voice, their inspiration by choosing a Leader who becomes the voice and inspiration of all Ontarians. The life story of Yasir Naqvi is truly inspirational for me, and so many others, because it embodies what it means to be a Canadian in the 21st Century. His experiences have given him a strong, clear voice calling on all Ontario Liberals to come together, through the power of democracy, to serve the province we love.

I have endorsed my friend, Yasir, because I truly believe his extraordinary life journey gives voice to the values of who we truly are as Ontario Liberals. With Yasir as Leader, I have no doubt he will inspire another generation of Ontarians to join us, once again, to leave a better world to our children and grandchildren.

Malika Ghous

Trustee for Ward 18 Scarborough Southwest, Toronto District School Board

Scarborough is my home and as a school board trustee, I know the challenges facing students in our classrooms. With two kids in Ontario schools, Yasir Naqvi intimately knows those challenges as well. Ontario needs a leader who will emphasize rebuilding our education system with the teachers and education workers who can help our students reach their full potential. Electing a strong, supportive and effective leader of the Ontario Liberal Party is the first step in that rebuilding process. I believe that Yasir Naqvi can be that leader and he has my support.

Rawlson King

Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe, City of Ottawa

Yasir’s inclination is always to bring people together. As CEO of the Institute of Canadian Citizenship, Yasir spearheaded initiatives to promote civic engagement, diversity, and social cohesion. His leadership was instrumental, developing programs to facilitate integration of newcomers into Canadian societ He, recognizes the immense value they bring to our nation's fabric. Championing the principles of inclusion and cultural exchange, he has helped bridge divides and foster a sense of belonging among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Bob Monette

Former Councillor for Orleans (2006-2018) & Deputy Mayor (2014-2018), City of Ottawa
Former Town Councillor (1985-91), Township of Cumberland

My 19 years in civic politics showed me the importance of representing the diversity of interests and voices in my community. Yasir has a great capacity to bring people together to find common ground yet can still make the tough decisions. His experience in senior cabinet roles, combined with his personal background, provide him with the qualities we need in the Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. He has my vote.

Ismail Mohamed

Ontario Liberal Candidate for Kitchener South-Hespeler (2022)

Yasir Naqvi embodies leadership and service at his core. He believes that the strongest voice is the voice of the community. He puts himself in the shoes of others to see what they see and feel what they feel, reflecting on his own story as the story of generations of Ontarians. That's why I support him for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.


Robert Quaiff

Former Mayor (2014-18) and Councillor (2000-03, 10-14), Prince Edward County; Ontario Liberal Candidate for Bay of Quinte (2018)

Offering support to Yasir is a no-brainer for my wife Susan and me. We both love our community and are heartbroken at the bullying tactics of Doug Ford. The first time I met Yasir I could see the enthusiasm in his eyes and the passionate way he spoke. He continues to offer infectious optimism that the Ontario Liberal Party can do better and with him as Leader, I can believe in that optimism.

Khalid Usman

Former Councillor for Ward 7 (1997-2006, 2018-22), City of Markham

Yasir Naqvi embodies the values that define our party - equality, inclusivity, and compassion. He has consistently fought for marginalized communities and underrepresented groups, making him a champion of progressive values and a beacon of hope for those who have been left behind. His values are my values and I look forward to working with him as the next Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Ahmed Absiye

Treasurer, Ontario Young Liberals
President, Carleton University Young Liberals

I have had the privilege to work alongside Yasir over the past year as President of the Carleton University Young Liberals and can say without a doubt that he is a true ally of Young Liberals. He is a champion for youth priorities and is always there to lend a helping hand. I am inspired by Yasir’s willingness to always listen to and collaborate with youth to ensure our voice is heard. I am absolutely thrilled to be supporting Yasir as the next Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Hamza Kamal

Federal Director, University of Guelph Young Liberals; Communications Manager, 2022 Safdar Hussain (Brampton Centre) Provincial Campaign; Volunteer Coordinator, 2021 Shafqat Ali (Brampton Centre) Federal Campaign

It’s time to challenge the status quo and break down barriers across Ontario. Yasir is by far the only candidate who can deliver real change for the Ontario Liberal Party and lead us to success. The very moment I met Yasir, he had my full support.

Aziz Chouhdery

2022 Ontario Liberal Candidate, Haldimand-Norfolk

Yasir actively engages with diverse voices. His inclusive and consultative approach means everyone has the chance to be heard, regardless of who you are or where you're from.

Zeba Hashimi

Ontario Liberal Candidate for London-Fanshawe (2022)

As a dedicated public servant and lawyer, Yasir Naqvi brings a wealth of experience to Ontario. He has has been instrumental in banning race-based carding, raising the minimum wage, & digitizing the provincial court system to create efficiency. More importantly, Yasir lends an understanding ear to the issues. His willingness to sit down with Ontarians and learn their stories and challenges, combined with his knowledge and experience makes him a positive force for Ontario.

Ashwani Bhardwaj

Chair, Scarborough Centre federal EDA

Liberals in Ontario need a leader who will appreciate their life experiences. Arriving in Canada as young boy, Yasir learned the value of hard work to thrive and survive. He learned that getting involved in his community, helping others with a hand up, builds character that we value. He’s a dad, a community leader, a lawyer and a politician, but most of all, he’s an Ontario Liberal who believes there is a place in this province for all of us – regardless of where we come from, who we love or who we worship. Yasir Navqi is my choice for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Wiquar Hussain

President, Windsor West Provincial Liberal Association

Yasir has repeatedly shown me that he understands the power of community across Ontario, not just the GTA. His willingness to listen and collaborate with local Liberals will be key in rebuilding our party. I'm proud to support him for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Raziq Khurshid

President, Pickering-Uxbridge Provincial Liberal Association

Yasir Naqvi believes that the strongest voice is the voice of the community. His version of service puts himself in the shoes of others, to see what they see and feel what they feel, reflecting on his story as a story of generations of Ontarians.

Ryan Ward

Former President, Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte Provincial Liberal Association
Former Chair, Barrie-Innisfil Federal Liberal Association

I have known Yasir Naqvi for several decades and in that time, I have seen his remarkable work as President of the Ontario Liberal Party, as MPP, MP and Cabinet Minister to make Canada and Ontario better. The Ontario Liberal Party needs an accomplished Leader with a plan for our future that we can believe in. That leader is Yasir Naqvi.

Kimothy Walker

Award winning national journalist

I don’t practice party politics but I am proudly supporting Yasir Naqvi to lead the Ontario Liberal Party and become Premier of Ontario. COVID showed us that Doug Ford’s priorities are not the sick, the elderly, the medical professionals, our students or their teachers. I don’t like his treatment of Ottawa or Ontario. We need a change. Yasir is a veteran MPP, MP and Ontario Attorney General. He is an amazing Dad whose moral compass is exceptionally well calibrated. He exemplifies the qualities we need in a leader. I can’t wait to see him as Leader and the next Premier.


Hon. Don Boudria PC

Former MP for Glengarry Prescott Russell (1984-2006) & federal cabinet minister (1996-2003)
Former MPP for Prescott & Russell (1981-84)

Yasir Naqvi needs no "on the job" training to be Premier of Ontario. He is a lawyer, former Liberal Party President and has served in the legislature and as a Cabinet Minister in our great province. His experience at both the provincial and federal level make him a formidable candidate and Premier in waiting. He can and will bring the Ontario Liberals back to power.


Tay Butt

Ontario Liberal Candidate for Nickle Belt (2018)
Regional Vice President (North), Ontario Liberal Party (2015-21)

Northern Ontario is too often overlooked by governments at Queen's Park. But we are the largest region in the province. As Liberals in northern Ontario, we're looking for a leader who understands both our challenges and the opportunities we have to offer. We want a leader who will listen to and work with northerners and who has a concrete plan to prioritise health care, economic grown and prosperity in the north. Yasir Naqvi has a plan that we can believe in and I'm pleased to support him for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.


Lisa-Marie Wilson

Ontario Liberal Candidate for Nickle Belt (2018)
Regional Vice President (North), Ontario Liberal Party (2015-21)

Ontarians are struggling under Doug Ford's leadership. Families can’t find a family doctor; children's growth and learning are impacted in over-crowded classrooms. People work two and three job just to pay rent with barley enough left to put food on the table. Doug Ford doesn’t offer effective solutions – he cares only for the people in his circle evidence the green space mess. Yasir Naqvi has the governance experience to provide forward-thinking solutions to the pressing issues faced by our province. Yasir Naqvi is for all Ontarians. He is a leader who will support all of Ontario and its people from the north, south, east, and west. He is the leader Ontario needs.


Shyan Hayder

GTA East Regional Coordinator, Ontario Young Liberals

Youth in Ontario are looking for a leader we can trust and I know we can trust Yasir Naqvi to listen to our voices and take our concerns seriously. Yasir cares about the issues that are important to today's youth and he recognizes the need to create a future where we can succeed.


Mazhar Shafiq

Ontario Liberal Candidate for Scarborough Centre (2018 & 22)

As a past candidate for the Ontario Liberal Party, I have seen first hand what it means to have a strong, experienced community leader like Yasir Naqvi in your corner. His actions in his community show that he gets involved to make change happen. He’s a Leader whose values reflect my own and a Leader I know will work hard to bring about the changes we need to form Government and fulfill the promise of Ontario for those who have been here for generations and for those who have recently come to Ontario. I am proud to say that I will vote for Yasir Naqvi as Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.


Sophie Kiwala

Former MPP for Kingston and the Islands (2014-18)

I am delighted to support my former colleague and friend Yasir Naqvi. Yasir has the experience, grit and energy to be an excellent Premier. His progressive action is evident in the 'Safe Access to Abortion Services Act, 2017' creating safe zones for women to avoid harassment when accessing health services. He also recognizes the need to mitigate circumstances that lead to making difficult health decisions in the first place. To rebuild our party, we need to focus on forward-thinking positive momentum and Yasir is the only one in my books who has that momentum.


Jim Brownell

Former MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry (2003-11)

As a former teacher I was always proud to see my students graduate. They graduated with the knowledge they had a future in Ontario: opportunities for good jobs, a health care system to protect them and their future families, and surrounding green space to help protect nature, water and farmland. Today, Doug Ford has limited that future: jobs where workers don’t make a living wage, privatizing health care and selling off our green spaces to developers to build homes that newcomers and young families can’t afford. The Ontario Liberal Party needs Yasir Naqvi, a leader with experience to make tough decision, who can balance the protection of our green space and at the same time provide a positive future for generations to come


Giovanni Prevete 

President, Haldimand-Norfolk PLA

We need a leader with experience, dedication, and a proven track record of effective leadership who will support us at the local level. Yasir Naqvi is a proven leader who can navigate the complexities of governance and provide forward-thinking solutions to the pressing issues faced by our province, from healthcare and education to the economy and the environment.


Kaniz Mouli

Ontario Liberal Candidate for Oakville North-Burlington (2022)

I have been involved in Liberal party politics my entire life as a youth organizer, party executive and a Candidate. For as long as I have been involved, Yasir Naqvi has been an inspiration for people like me to get into politics. Not only is Yasir the most experienced candidate in the race but he has the determination, lived experience and knows what it takes to win in a diverse Ontario . He understands the issues and challenges that people are facing and can lead the transformation our Party needs to earn the trust of Ontarians. I am proud to support him to be the next Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Stephanie Maghnam 

Ontario Liberal Candidate for Kanata-Carlton (2018)

Yasir Naqvi's visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to progress make him the clear choice to lead the Ontario Liberal Party. With a proven track record of advocating for inclusive policies and championing the rights of all, Yasir has demonstrated his ability to unite people from all walks of life. His dedication to fostering economic growth, investing in education, and ensuring accessible healthcare showcases his deep understanding of the needs of Ontarians. As a leader who listens and acts, Yasir's innovative ideas and thoughtful approach will undoubtedly steer the party towards a brighter, more prosperous future for our province


Safdar Hussain

Ontario Liberal Candidate for Brampton Centre (2018 & 22)

Preserving green spaces and protecting our environment is not a priority for Doug Ford and his Ontario Conservatives. Awarding huge contracts to developer friends and supporters is not the Ontario Liberal way. We need a new leader who believes that we can do better. For me, without a doubt, that leader is Yasir Naqvi.