Yasir Naqvi's Statement on More Ford Greenbelt Giveaways

August 25, 2023 


With today’s report in the Globe and Mail that Doug Ford and Steve Clark continue to try and pave the greenbelt through corrupt, backroom deals with their cronies, it is clear that the Auditor General’s Report, and ongoing investigations by the RCMP and the Integrity Commissioner are not enough to shame this government into doing the right thing.

The AG made it clear that developers controlled the process for taking lands out of the greenbelt, and Ford and Clark were just doing their bidding. Today’s report confirms that, telling us that a developer wrote the proposed Minister's Zoning Order, and nobody in the Ford government even looked at it before giving it a rubber stamp.

“How many more of these secret deals have Doug Ford and Steve Clark signed off on? How many more are we going to find out about in the coming days and weeks?” asked Yasir Naqvi, candidate for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party.

“It is apparent that the minister is either engaging in unethical and corrupt practice, or at least was grossly incompetent and willfully blind to his staff's misconduct. I can tell you in my government, the minister responsible for this would have been dismissed immediately. Doug Ford needs to demand Steve Clark’s resignation today, return all lands to the Greenbelt, and come clean with Ontarians about how many other secret, backroom deals he’s signed off on.

“Even Donald Trump would be embarrassed at this level of open contempt for voters.”