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Liberal leadership candidate Yasir Naqvi makes a Sudbury stop

August 25, 2023,
‘In order for me to be a good leader and an effective leader, I will work with Northern Ontarians. I will make sure that they are the ones telling us what needs to happen in terms of growing our party in Northern Ontario.’… Read More

Yasir Naqvi is a man of many hats

August 23, 2023
He's an Ottawan. A centrist. A federal politician. A provincial politician — twice unbeaten, once defeated. A former top prosecutor. An erstwhile cabinet minister. A past Grit president. An international trade lawyer. A volunteer. A single father. An immigrant who settled in Niagara during his boyhood...Read More

Liberal leadership candidate promises to better connect Northern Ontario

August 23, 2023, Sudbury Star 
As he travels the region, Yasir Naqvi is getting a first-hand taste of the tricky highways and iffy cell connections that make living and travelling here a challenge, and he wants to change that. ‘People living in the North deserve the same quality of service as anyone else.’… Read More

Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate Yasir Naqvi: Northern Tour

August 23, 2023, CTV News North 
Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Yasir Naqvi is touring northern Ontario. He talks with Tony Ryma from Elliot Lake… Watch the Interview

Naqvi leadership campaign comes north

August 23, 2023, Kap-Hearth Now 
Yasir Naqvi met with party faithful in Kapuskasing and Timmins. He told My Kap-Hearst Now Dot Com that the three largest problems in the North are health care — especially the lack of doctors and nurses — affordable housing; and growing our resource extraction and processing capability to meet the demand for critical minerals for electric car batteries… Read More

Naqvi identifies plan for Ontario's north

August 22, 2023, Sault Star 
Yasir Naqvi is promising a better Northern Ontario… Read More

Could this Liberal-leadership candidate do what Doug Ford won’t on housing?

August 17, 2023, TVO
MP Yasir Naqvi unveiled his housing platform Thursday. One of its promises? To implement the recommendations of the Ford government’s Housing Affordability Task Force...Read More

August 13, 2023
Op-Ed, published in the Toronto Sun
Like one-third of Ontarians, I am an immigrant. At 15, my parents uprooted me and my two siblings from our life in Pakistan, where my father had been jailed for participating in a pro-democracy rally. My mom and dad came to Ontario because they wanted to live in a place where the rule of law applied to everyone, where success for us kids would be based on work ethic, not by how connected we were to the corridors of power... Read More

Liberal candidate calls for OPP investigation

August 10, 2023, CTV News Ottawa 
Ontario Liberal Leadership candidate Yasir Naqvi is calling for a police investigation into the Ford government’s Greenbelt plan… Watch the Interview

Liberal leadership candidate Yasir Naqvi brings 'listening tour' to Pembroke

August 9, 2023, Pembroke Observer 
Ottawa Centre MP Yasir Naqvi, a candidate in the Ontario Liberal Party leadership race, visited Pembroke on Aug. 8 as part of his cross-province “listening tour.”… ‘I’m running to become the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and as a result I’m travelling the entire province and I wanted to be here in Renfrew County as well to learn about the creative solutions, like the VTAC program, that’s happening and meet with local Liberals in places like Pembroke and Eganville to talk about my vision for our party and the province and get them engaged in the leadership process.’… Read More

Liberal leadership hopeful stops in Thunder Bay

August 3, 2023, NWO Newswatch 
Yasir Naqvi, who announced his candidacy for the Ontario Liberal's top job in June, was in Thunder Bay Wednesday promoting his northern strategy following stops in Dryden, Kenora and Fort Frances. ‘Now that I'm an official candidate, I want to make sure to spend some time here in Northwestern Ontario, meeting directly with people who live in the community to understand issues that are important to them so that we can work together in terms of building solutions that will work for Northern Ontario.’… Read More

‘Is Ontario ready for a Muslim premier?’ Liberal leadership hopeful says yes, even though racism remains ‘a sad reality’

August 1, 2023, Toronto Star
Yasir Naqvi is confronting the potential for racial or religious prejudice in the contest to become the Ontario Liberal Party’s next leader... Read More

Yasir Naqvi: Yes, Ontario is ready for its first Muslim premier

August 1, 2023
Op-Ed, published in the Toronto Star
Is Ontario ready for a Muslim immigrant premier? It’s a question asked many ways since I joined the race to lead the Ontario Liberal Party. “Can he really win a general election?” “Will he represent ‘regular’ Ontarians, too?” “What about that sharia law stuff?” These backroom whispers and dog whistles remain a sad reality in Ontario politics... Read More 

Yasir Naqvi officially launches bid to be next Ontario Liberal party leader

August 1, 2023, Kitchissippi Times 
Ottawa Centre MP Yasir Naqvi is eyeing a return to Queen’s Park as he officially enters his bid to be the next Ontario Liberal party leader. The former Attorney General of Ontario, Naqvi said he’s looking to transform the Ontario Liberal Party and attract voters from all sides… Read More

Yasir Naqvi Champions ‘Yes’ for Ontario’s Medical Workforce

Peterborough Today, July 14, 2023 
Getting more doctors and nurses to Ontario and allowing them to enter the system easier is a main focus of Yasir Naqvi. The current MP for Ottawa Centre is running to become the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. Naqvi says we need to start with “Yes” to streamline and simplify the licensing process… Read More

Liberal leadership hopeful guest of honour at Bradford Eid Milan party

July 9, 2023, Bradford Today 
'For me it’s all about meeting people where they are and listening to their issues. That will help to transform the Ontario Liberal Party,' said Yasir Naqvi… Read More

Randall Denley: The Ontario PCs might soon face a Liberal leader to actually worry about

June 8, 2023, National Post 
Yasir Naqvi is a centrist, politically experienced, and an immigrant in a province that is becoming increasingly diverse… Read More

#onpoli podcast: Yasir Naqvi is in for the OLP leadership

June 6, 2023, TVO 
Yasir Naqvi, MP for Ottawa Centre, has thrown his hat into the ring for the Ontario Liberal Party leadership. He's among a few heavy hitters now who are vying for the top job… Listen to the Podcast

Naqvi makes Timmins his first stop on Ontario Liberal leadership 'listening tour'

June 5, 2023, Timmins Daily Press 
A day after announcing he had joined the race to become the next leader of Ontario’s Liberal party, Yasir Naqvi was in Timmins to launch what he called a “listening tour.” ‘I am meeting with local members of the community, residents, business owners, members of the Liberal party, to learn about the struggles’ they may be encountering under the current Ontario Progressive Conservative government ‘and to come up with particular ideas so that we can restore the province of Ontario.’… Read More

A Bid for Leadership and a Return to Queen’s Park?

June 5, 2023, The Agenda, TVO 
Yasir Naqvi has had some of the bigger jobs in cabinet: Attorney General, Minister of Community and Social Services, Minister of Labour…Now, he's decided to enter the Ontario Liberal leadership race… Watch the Interview

Yasir Naqvi enters race for Ontario Liberal Leadership

June 4, 2023, CP24 
Ottawa Centre MP Yasir Naqvi officially joined the race to become the next Leader of Ontario’s Liberal Party… Watch the Interview

One-on-One with Yasir Naqvi

CTV News Ottawa, June 3, 2023 
"I have experience, both as the former President of the Party, but also as a Cabinet Minister. I know how decisions are made and I've been engaged in making those important decisions so that we can Restore the Promise of Ontario for hard-working Ontarians who are struggling under Doug Ford, who's failing them... Watch the Interview

Ottawa Centre MP Yasir Naqvi enters Ontario Liberal leadership race

Canadian Press, June 3, 2023 
Yasir Naqvi has joined the race to become the next leader of Ontario’s Liberal party. The Ottawa Centre MP and former provincial cabinet minister announced his run Saturday, saying he wanted to vie for the job because he feels “the promise of Ontario is slipping away” amid education and health care cuts made by the Progressive Conservatives. He also singled out soaring housing and grocery costs as issues plaguing the province and its residents... Read More

Yasir Naqvi enters Ontario Liberal leadership race

June 3, 2023, CTV News Ottawa 
Yasir Naqvi has entered the race for the Ontario Liberal leadership. The Ottawa Centre Liberal MP formally launched his leadership campaign at St. Anthony's Banquet Hall in Ottawa Saturday morning. He also says he will make a stop in Belleville before an event in Mississauga Saturday evening... Read More

MP Yasir Naqvi officially joins Ontario Liberal leadership race: 'My mission is to defeat Doug Ford'

June 2, 2023, Toronto Star 
Yasir Naqvi is finally making it official — he’s a candidate for the Ontario Liberal leadership... Read More 

Ottawa MP Yasir Naqvi enters Ontario Liberal leadership race

June 2, 2023, CBC Ottawa 
Ottawa Centre MP Yasir Naqvi has officially entered the race to lead the Ontario Liberal Party... Read More 

‘Challenge the status quo’: Former cabinet minister Yasir Naqvi to seek Ontario Liberal leadership

Ottawa's Yasir Naqvi expected to officially enter Ontario Liberal leadership race this weekend

June 2, 2023, CityNews Ottawa

Yasir Naqvi is expected to announce his bid to lead the Ontario Liberal Party at a special event in Ottawa this weekend...he is issuing a call to arms to rebuild the Liberal party in order to ‘defeat Doug Ford in 2026’... Read More