Yasir Naqvi Leadership Campaign Announces Co-Chairs Representing Every Region of Ontario

With the guidance of Lucille Collard, Glenn Thibeault, John Wilkinson and Salma Zahid, Yasir will continue his work to transform the Ontario Liberal Party and restore the promise of Ontario 

OTTAWA, ON – July 10, 2023 


With representation from across Ontario, Yasir Naqvi is proud to announce today the Co-Chairs of his campaign for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. 

Lucille Collard, Glenn Thibeault, John Wilkinson and Salma Zahid share Yasir’s belief in the need for Ontario Liberals to come together under an inclusive tent – one that reflects the Ontario of today, and one that is ready to defeat Doug Ford in 2026 and restore the promise of Ontario.

The Co-Chairs represent Yasir’s promise to ensure everyone in Ontario, no matter where they live or where they are from, can see themselves in the Ontario LIberal Party.

“I’m so proud to have the support of this incredible team of Co-Chairs,” said Yasir Naqvi. “Lucille, Glenn, John and Salma share a passion for public service and are strong advocates in their communities. They know what it takes to win, and why it’s important. I am grateful to them for their invaluable insight and hard work.”

Yasir believes the status quo in Ontario is not acceptable. Ontarians are struggling to find family medical care or an open ER. Kids are struggling in overcrowded classrooms. And people in Ontario are working several jobs and still struggling to pay bills and buy groceries. 

This isn't good enough for Yasir and it isn’t good enough for his co-chairs. Their shared vision and insight will help Yasir on his path to the Ontario Liberal Party leadership and to prepare for the mission ahead – to defeat Doug Ford in 2026. 




Lucille Collard - MPP for Ottawa Vanier

“I know Yasir is dedicated to his community in all aspects of his work. He has a profound understanding of the challenges Ontarians face, because he listens. He finds practical solutions to solve complex problems putting forward an inclusive culture of collaboration. This is exactly what we need in a true Leader.”

Glenn Thibeault - Former MP and MPP for Sudbury, former Cabinet Minister

“The Ontario Liberal Party is at a crossroads. We need a Leader who is experienced, determined and ready to do the hard work to rebuild our riding associations and invigorate our grassroots supporters. Ontario is a diverse province and Yasir is the leader we need to solve the unique challenges facing communities in Northern and rural Ontario.”

John Wilkinson - Former MPP for Perth-Wellington, former Cabinet Minister

“Yasir Naqvi is an inspiration to me, and so many others, because he embodies what it means to be a proud Canadian in the 21st Century. He is calling on all Ontario Liberals to come together, through the power of democracy, to serve the province we love. With Yasir as Leader, I have no doubt he will inspire another generation of political activists so we can create a better world for our children and grandchildren.”

Salma Zahid - MP for Scarborough Centre

“Yasir Naqvi's commitment to advancing the rights and aspirations of all citizens is truly commendable. He has been a vocal advocate for social justice, equality, and access to quality education and healthcare for everyone. He understands that a strong society is built on the foundation of fairness and equal opportunities for all, and his track record reflects his determination to create a more just and equitable society.”

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