Yasir Naqvi's statement on the RCMP probe into Doug Ford's Greenbelt giveaway

August 23, 2023 

The RCMP is knocking on the doors of Queen’s Park over Premier Doug Ford’s shameful Greenbelt giveaway. 

I am heartened that the OPP have referred the shocking findings of the Ontario Auditor General’s report to the national police force. 

I was the first to call for a full police investigation into the allegations the Ford government offered backroom deals to wealthy, well-connected friends worth up to $8.3 billion in potential profits. As I said then, the allegations the AG made against Ford, his minister and their offices raise serious questions about potential criminality. As a former Ontario Attorney General, I have faith our justice system will provide the answers Ontarians deserve

It’s a sad day when the police are called into Queen’s Park, but the RCMP will get to the bottom of the shocking allegations of “direct access” and influence uncovered by the Auditor General. 

Ontario needs a premier who is unencumbered by special interests, one who will protect our Greenbelt to ensure we have the farmland and clean water you and your family need to thrive. The fact Ford’s government is being probed by the RCMP is just the latest in a long line of examples of him putting his friends and insiders ahead of everyday Ontarians like you.