Regional Focused Strategic Updates + Phase 2 Briefing

September 17, 2023 at 11:30am - 12:30pm

Greensboro Community Centre · 363 Lorry Greenberg Dr Ottawa , ON K1T 3P8 Canada

About this event

Regional focus - National Capital Region
Greensboro Community Centre
363 Lorry Greenberg Dr, Ottawa

Draft Agenda

  • Thank you and Campaign Reflections - Yasir Naqvi
  • Observations and "lay of the land" - Milton Chan
    • Province wide
    • Regional insights
  • Persuasion Phase Briefing - Campaign Functional Unit Leads
    • Organizational Priorities & Tactics
    • Debates
    • Be a message champion
    • Endorsement Rollout

Alternative Sessions

Attend one of our four regionally focused sessions, either in person or virtually! 

While each of the sessions will consist of a regionally focused discussion portioned, it will also have a campaign tactical and priority briefing that is common to all four sessions.  If you are unable to join the session for your region, you are welcome to attend one of the two virtual sessions.